The OPEN community is creating and navigating the changing world of work.

A series of OPEN community events.

The OPEN Series is a monthly gathering of industry leaders to explore the changing world of work. Join us as we discuss and celebrate the most important topics impacting the People industry.

Upcoming Events

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August 21 @ 5 PM WeWork Congress
600 Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701

Building a Culture of Inclusivity

Presented by Greenhouse

Join Namely and Greenhouse for a panel discussion & roundtable event with HR and Talent leaders who are driving change within their organizations and the Talent industry - hear first-hand how industry leaders have cultivated cultures of inclusivity, and how building diverse workforces helps organizations succeed.

Speakers Include:

  • Debra Squyres,
    Chief Client Officer, Namely
  • Angela Shaw,
    President, Austin HR Management Association
  • Mary Evans,
    VP HR,
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